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Poetic Quinns lives by the examples of many in creating beauty with heart and soul. He also tends to explore the philosophy of life through his artistry medium. While still developing his style, he inspired others with his contemporary art in visuals and musical production, or Poetic Art. Like many who came before him, Quinns joins the journey of virtuosos. Meanwhile, creating with the motto of “Denken mit der Hand” in mind, or as he puts it, magic hands.

Quinns Pheh, known professionally as Poetic Quinns, is a contemporary artist and musician from Malaysia. His music is noted for its eclectic quality and exploration of emotive and introspective themes, with frequent references to the multiverse and the alternate dimension.

One of the defining features of Poetic Quinns's music is his use of the piano. As a classically trained pianist, he has a deep understanding of the instrument and its capabilities, and he uses this knowledge to create intricate and nuanced compositions. His piano playing style is often characterized by its dynamic range, with gentle and delicate passages contrasting with powerful and intense sections.

In addition to music, Poetic Quinns is also an artist who creates visuals that reflect his unique style and sensibility. He often collaborates with other artists to create immersive multimedia experiences that combine music, visuals, and other elements. He continues to push the boundaries of his craft and create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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